100 Days In Office, NNPP Chieftain, Ajadi Berates Elected Leaders On Poor Performance

A Chieftain of the New Nigeria Peoples’ Party (NNPP), Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo has berated the President and governors who just clocked their first 100 days in office saying they failed to kick start their campaign promises on good note.

It could be recalled that President Bola Tinubu and many governors were sworn-in on May 29, 2023 with a lot of expectations.

Speaking with journalists on Wednesday on the state of the Nation at his Shimawa Office, Ogun state, Ajadi, who was gubernatorial candidate of the NNPP in Ogun state in 2023 elections, however, emphasizing that the people elected into offices and who are marking their 100 days in offices have failed to satisfy the yearnings and aspiration of Nigerians.

He said elected officers have not been able to impact much on the citizenry adding that though 100 days is a short time out of four years but pointed out that Nigerians have not seen hope of them fulfilling their campaign promises.

As the nation watched, Ajadi’s words echoed throughout the land, highlighting the unfulfilled commitments to better infrastructure, improved healthcare, and enhanced educational opportunities.

He said the citizens who voted with hopes of a brighter future now grappled with a stark reality.

Ajadi stressed that elected leaders faced increasing pressure to deliver on their campaign pledges, scrambling to present plans and initiatives to address rising discontent.

According to him, “Your hundred days in offices are not worth celebrating because they lack impact on our citizens. The workers are still collecting thirty thousand naira (N30,000) minimum wage despite the increment on all household items caused by the subsidy removal.

“The palliatives are not getting to the downtrodden, instead of using NIN, BVN attached to bank accounts to detect the poorer of the poor, they are just given them out to politicians using wards and local government.

“Instead of given palliatives to states by federal government, the money realised from subsidy removal should have been channelling into infrastructural development, which will be beneficial to every Nigerians irrespective of financial status.

“Both poor and the rich are plying roads, using electricity, health care facilities, education and other social amenities, hence, the need for government to channel the proceeds from subsidy removal to infrastructural developments to circulate rounds.

“But given palliatives either in terms of cash or materials, it can never gets to the target audience but a kind of another scam.

“It became a race against time as they endeavoured to turn election promises into tangible actions.

“In the months ahead, the nation remained focused on its leaders, recognizing that the first hundred days were just the beginning of a challenging journey. Expectations ran high, and the nation’s gaze remained fixed on its leaders, yearning for the dividends of democracy.

“As time unfolds, we will see whether these leaders can bridge the gap between promises and reality and whether their actions will vindicate or condemn their initial hundred days in power.

“The fate of a nation hung in the balance, awaiting the true impact of leadership on its citizens’ lives,” he said.


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