2019 Elections: AD Reinstates Readiness To Take Power

As the scheming and preparation towards 2019 general elections move nearer, and various political strives towards taking the battle of leadership from ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State, a former speaker, Oyo State House of Assembly and leading governorship hopeful under Alliance for Democracy (AD), Dr Akin Onigbinde  (SAN) has declared that the AD has all what it takes to rule the State in 2019.


As he maintained that the party has come to stay in the state, stressing that as a real progressive, the AD is ready to come out victoriously and take the mantle of leadership in Oyo State in 2019.


The AD gubernatorial aspirant dropped this hint during an interaction with newsmen on his intention to contest the 2019 governorship election in Oyo state held at the Biobark Kitchen, Bodija in Ibadan.


Dr Onigbinde declared that presently, the party has been adequately repositioned and in the best place to win the next governorship and other elections in and across Oyo state.

AD Governorship Aspirant in Oyo, Dr Akin Onigbinde (SAN)

Specifically, he stressed that the party is waxing stronger in and across the state and is to reposition Oyo state for good if he as the governorship aspirant is elected as the next governor of the state come 2019, saying , Oyo state and  Nigeria in general.


He maintained that Nigeria as a whole and Oyo state in particular needs a party like AD and an experienced politician like him at the helm of affairs as the governor come 2019 to witness the much needed development and its people to reap real dividend of democracy.


Specifically, Dr Onigbinde emphasized that if elected as the next governor of Oyo state, his administration will among other policies implement a cooperative system whereby the state  would be organized along trade line.


According to Dr Onigbinde, “politics in the country should be tackled with the needed seriousness for the nation to continue to move forward. A situation whereby most of the leading political parties in the country are full of people in same party but going into different directions cannot and will not augur well for the nation’s growing democracy.


The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) could best be liken to a big but  rickety vehicle with varying characters ready to ground it at will but that Nigeria presently need a healthy  vehicle to take it to the promised land”.


Speaking further, Dr Onigbinde said the Alliance for Democracy which he likened to a smaller vehicle with sound engine with committed and people of like minds  that are capable of meeting the needs and aspirations of the people particularly the masses.


Dr Akin Onigbide was the Speaker and Chief Legal Draftsman, Oyo State House of Assembly (1992-1993), the position which allowed him contributes to legislative progresses in various capacities in the advancement of Nigeria democratic history.

Unknown to many, Dr. Onigbinde was the brain behind the creation of the group now known today as National Conference of Speakers of State Houses of Assembly where he also served as the Chairman (1992-1993).


In that capacity he was a National Delegate to the SID Parliamentarian and Civil Society Conference of Sub-Saharan African Parliament of Zimbabwe, Harare  (in 1994) and also to the Friedrich Eert Foundation National Assembly of Benin Republic on a Seminar on “The Evaluation of Laws in West Africa” (May 1997).