2023: Peter Obi  Will Get Substantial Votes In South East, Says Umahi

The Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi, has said that the presidential candidate of the Labour Party for the 2023 elections, Peter Obi, will get substantial votes in the South East, where they both hail from, but he won’t win the election.

Umahi, a member of the All Progressives Congress, said this on Friday when he spoke with State House Correspondents.

In the interaction in Abuja at the Presidential Villa after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari to get him to commission the N1.2 billion Ebonyi Governor’s Lodge in Abuja in mid-October, Umahi said Obi’s movement cannot be wished away.

He designed the movement as an eye-opener, which proves that the South-East would not be forgotten in Nigeria’s polity.

Asked what critical selling points the APC will use to campaign in the South East, he said: “It’s going to be a different ball game altogether.

“Because when the campaign starts, yes, the interest of our people in terms of presidency is there, you can’t wish it away.

“But everyone in South East holding the ticket of their party is going to be struggling and he’s going to be fighting.

“You will not tell the guy that has the ticket of House of Assembly to look at the bigger picture of Igbo presidency.

“He may not see it but that is not to say that Peter Obi is not going to get substantial votes in South-East.”

Asked if the South East was ready for the presidency, Umahi said: “What happened during the primaries of PDP and APC were a kind of miscalculation by our people, but to say whether they’re ready for the presidency of the country anytime, I think that the movement of Peter Obi is an eye opener.

“That’s why I said, I love what he’s doing.

“I’m encouraged by what he’s doing.

“Because if he’s not doing what he’s doing, it means that South East would have been forgotten.

“So while my party takes the victory, he would have prepared a very good ground for the South East presidency, so that nobody is going to write us off.

“And you can see the level of his acceptability, which does not translate to victory over APC.

“I’m sure of that, but it’s a good movement.

“And it reassures the South East people and the entire country that we are accepted, you know that, and we will one day become the president of this country.

“It is very important.”

Asked if he shares the views with social critics that alleged killings in the South East have reduced due to the Peter Obi Movement, he said: “You cannot technically assign the reduction in the killings for Igbo presidency.

“You can see that security generally is improving in the country.

“And it has nothing to do with the movement of Peter Obi.

“Peter Obi movement is a movement that is anchored on equity, justice, and fairness.

“It may not translate to outright win because I must defend my party, I must wish my party well and I’m having the ticket of my party.

“But whether what he is doing has meaning there, is not only in South East, it does have meaning.

“So we must never attribute the killings in South East to this kind of movement.”

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