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24-Year-Old Disabled Man Dies As Father, Pastors Attempt To Sell Hunchback

A disabled man in River state, identified as Lucky has met with his death while his father, Ejike, his father’s brother, Pastor Paul, and one Pastor Olatoye were attempting to remove and sell his hunchback.

A Rivers State-based vigilance group, ONELGA OSPAC, announced that its men have arrested three persons, which include the father, his brother, and the pastor, over the death of the 24-year-old man, in the Port Harcourt area of the state.

Lucky was reportedly dead after an operation to remove his hunchback.

According to Sunday Punch, an officer with the Planning and Advisory Committee of the security group, codenamed OSPAC, said the suspects were nabbed while trying to flee Port Harcourt.

One of the suspects, who was said to be the pastor of a new generation church in Osiakpo, near Omoku in the state, Olatoye, 54, said the victim was handed over to him by his father, Ejike, and Ejike’s younger brother, Pastor Paul.

Olatoye, during interrogation, was said to have revealed that Ejike and Pastor Paul brought Lucky to him for a surgical operation to enable the family to extract ‘mercury’ from his hunchback.

He said, “Paul said his brother (Ejike) had a son who had a hunchback which he was planning to do away with.

“I asked him why, and he said the boy was a thief; the boy was this and that. He said when the boy was much younger, the father attempted to sell him, but it didn’t work out well.

“He asked whether I knew the people who could take up the boy. I told him that I would make inquiries.”

“The boy in question (Lucky) even came to meet me, begging me that if the hunchback could be removed, I should help him. He said he wanted to be like a normal human being.

“I told them that he might not survive the procedure, but he said he would survive it. That was when we fixed a date for us to travel for the procedure.

“My first contact was an NGO in Owerri, Imo State, which said they would extract the ‘mercury’ and pay us N5m.

“I asked him what would be our own percentage. At last, both Paul and Ejike accepted the N5m offer, but the NGO didn’t show up again.”

The Pastor revealed that he approached another ‘contact’ in Abeokuta, Ogun State, which offered to pay N10m.

He noted that the victim’s father, Ejike, kept visiting his office and disturbing him.

“The day we travelled for the surgery in Lagos before heading to Abeokuta, Ejike handed over the boy to me and Paul gave me N15,000 for transportation.

“At the hospital, I called the father because of the document we were to sign, but he told me to go ahead and sign on his behalf.

“The operation was carried out, but in the end, the boy couldn’t make it,” he added.

The OSPAC Commander, Felix Nwobakata, while addressing newsmen, said the arrest would serve as a deterrent to anyone trying to indulge in ritual acts.


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