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5 Tips for a Memorable Ileya Festival Celebration

Eid el Adha, one of the most eagerly anticipated Islamic festivals, marks the end of the Holy pilgrimage, the fifth pillar of Islam. This grand celebration, observed by Muslims worldwide, is a time of joy, reflection, and communal harmony.

In Nigeria, Eid el Adha, affectionately known as “Ileya” in Yoruba—meaning “Homecoming” is a vibrant and unifying event. It’s a time when  Muslims come together to celebrate with big feasts, sharing love and joy with family and friends. The spirit of Ileya is one of unity and excitement, as communities bond over shared traditions and festive activities.

Here are the top five tips to ensure your Ileya celebration is memorable and fulfilling.

Travel to Visit Your Family/Friends

The essence of Ileya lies in togetherness, and there’s no better way to embody this than by visiting your family, friends and loved ones. Traveling to your hometown or gathering with loved ones allows you to reconnect and strengthen family bonds. The journey itself can be a beautiful prelude to the festivities, filled with anticipation and excitement. Ensure you plan your travel to avoid the holiday rush and make the most of your time with family.

Reflect on the Essence of the Celebration

Ileya is not just about feasting and merrymaking; it is deeply rooted in spiritual significance. Take time to reflect on the root story and the lessons of faith, sacrifice, and obedience it teaches. Engage in the communal prayers and observe all spiritual necessities, such as the Eid prayer and the act of Qurbani (sacrifice of an animal). This reflection and adherence to religious practices will enrich your celebration and provide a profound sense of fulfillment.

Enjoy a Good Meal with Bama-Infused Dishes

No festivity is complete without a sumptuous meal, and Ileya is no exception. The feast is a highlight, bringing families together to enjoy traditional dishes most especially the sacrificed animal. This year, add a special touch by incorporating Bama mayonnaise into your recipes. Bama-infused dishes can range from creamy salads to rich, flavorful sauces that accompany your main courses. Whether it’s a Bama-enhanced coleslaw or a tangy dip for your grilled meat, these dishes will add a unique twist to your traditional menu, making the meal even more memorable. You can also enjoy a healthy and nutritious full-course meal made with Bama, and here’s how to achieve this: Imagine starting the day with a simple breakfast of bread served with creamy Bama mayonnaise, or a creamy sandwich, a perfect way to sustain the family before the main meal is prepared. Or choosing a healthier option in the preparation of meals, like opting for Bama mayonnaise in the preparation of tasty Nigerian Jollof or fried rice, accompanied by the creamiest coleslaw, and of course a well-marinated ram meat with Bama mayonnaise, now that’s what makes the tastiest and scrumptious Ileya celebration. By incorporating Bama mayonnaise into your Ileya dishes, you not only enhance the flavor but also create a meal that is both nutritious, healthy, and memorable.

Engage in Charitable Activities

You definitely don’t want to enjoy all the tasty meals alone, Ileya is also a time for giving and sharing with the less fortunate. Engage in charitable activities by distributing food, clothes, or other essentials to those in need. This act of generosity not only spreads love and joy but also fulfills a key aspect of the festival’s spiritual mandate. Involve your family, especially the children, in these activities to teach them the importance of compassion and charity. This will make your celebration more meaningful and impactful.

Create Lasting Memories with Family Traditions

One final tip would be to create unique family traditions that can add a special touch to your Ileya celebration. These traditions can involve organizing a big-scale colourful family party filled with joy, dancing and celebration. These traditions not only provide fun and entertainment but also create a sense of continuity and anticipation for future Ileya festivals. They strengthen family bonds and ensure that the joy of Ileya is passed down through generations, making the festival a cherished time for all.

A memorable Ileya celebration balances spirituality, excitement, togetherness, love, and the best culinary delights. Take advantage of these tips and have the most memorable celebration and also enjoy a delightful feast with Bama-infused dishes that bring a unique twist to your traditional Ileya celebration.


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