54 Years After, U.S Officially Reopens Embassy In Cuba

U.S. Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry has reopens embassy in Cuba  and said sand ‘Cuba’s future is for Cubans’ as American flag is raised over building for the first time in 54 years.

While formally reopened the US embassy in Cuba with a flag-raising ceremony on Friday, U.S. Secretary of State, visit the country for the very first time in more than half of a century.

While reopening the embassy, Kerry pronounced “a day for pushing aside old barriers and pursuing new possibilities”.

“For more than half a century, US-Cuba relations have been suspended in the amber of cold war politics,” Kerry said. “It’s time to unfurl our flags and let the world know, we wish each other well.”

Meanwhile, speaking in Spanish, Kerry warned against “unrealistic expectations” of immediate changes to follow the normalization of diplomatic relations. “Cuba’s future is for Cubans to shape,” he said.

“We urge the Cuban government to make it less difficult for their citizens to start businesses, to go online, to engage in trade,” Kerry said. “We are certain that the time is now to reach out to one another as two people who are no longer enemies or rivals, but neighbors.”

The flag-raising did not change the status of the building, which like its Cuban counterpart in Washington was converted from an interests section to an embassy in July. Cuban foreign minister Bruno Eduardo Rodríguez visited Washington last month to reopen the Cuban embassy.


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