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7 Must-Have Items To Survive Harmattan Season

Harmattan season is here with its signature hot, dust-laden wind during the day and cold, dry wind at night.

Harmattan results in flaky, dry skin, chapped lips, hair thinning, dehydration, and sometimes, respiration problems. You need to be fully prepared to survive this season comfortably.

If you don’t want to be walking around during the festive season with chapped lips, white legs, and a dry face, here are some items you will need to pull through this season.

1. Water bottle
Water is essential to life regardless of the season. However, harmattan season comes with dryness which can lead to dehydration and you need to stay hydrated. You need to keep a bottle of water handy wherever you go.

2. Body oil or Vaseline
A lot of people walk around with dry, white skin during the harmattan. You do not want to be one of these people. You need to have Vaseline or body oil with you all the time to moisturize your skin, especially your arms, elbows, knees, shin, ankles, and feet to prevent whiteness and skin cracking as a result of dryness.

3. Lip gloss
You need a tube of lip gloss with you every time because you do not want to move about with chapped, unattractive lips. Chapped lips are so uncomfortable, they may even result in bleeding and prevent you from cracking a bold smile. Whenever you feel your lips getting dry, you can easily just reapply your lip gloss and you’re good to go.

4. Shoe brush
Dust from harmattan will make those shoes you polished before leaving your house dirty and spoil your drip. Therefore, you need to keep a shoe brush handy to clean your shoes from time to time.

5. Warm clothes
The morning and evening wind is always very cold and dry. You need to wear warm clothes like sweaters, jackets, joggers, and socks to help you stay warm.

6. Sunglasses
You need to protect your eyes from dust and sun rays, especially in the afternoon. During the harmattan season, the sun shines at its best as there is no cloud to cover the sun, therefore, it can be blinding to walk under it.

7. Hair bonnet
The harsh harmattan weather causes frizz and major hair breakage. Satin hair bonnets are the best for your hair because they help retain moisture.

With these items, the harmattan season won’t be as harsh on you as it used to be and you can enjoy your festive period more conveniently.


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