Abiodun Assures Ogun Residents Of Infrastructure Development In 2024

The Governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun, has assured residents of the state that they would witness unprecedented infrastructure development in 2024.

Abiodun stated this in his New Year broadcast to the people of the state on Monday in Abeokuta.

The governor called on the people to embrace 2024 with renewed hope, adding that his administration was working hard to make life bearable for them.

He noted that 2023 had been a challenging year for many Nigerians as a result of the precarious economic situation in the country.

He, however, lauded the people for remaining steadfast despite all odds.

Abiodun explained that his administration would redouble efforts toward meeting their needs, pledging to do so with sincerity, humility, and integrity.

He promised to govern with unwavering dedication, equity, inclusiveness, and accountability while upholding the rule of law.

“In 2023, we faced numerous challenges, but together, we were resolute and focused, and we emerged united and stronger.

“I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to you, the good citizens and residents of the state.

“We have prioritised the provision of the required infrastructure, particularly in the transportation sector. We have constructed or rehabilitated over 500 kilometres of roads across the state, ensuring improved transportation and connectivity.

”Our commitment to equitable development is evident, as these works are spread across our 20 Local Government Areas in the state.

“We have also embarked on our multi-modal transport master plan, encompassing land, air, water, and rail modes of transportation.

”The Gateway Agro-Cargo airport project initiated a little over two years ago is set to commence passenger and cargo operations in the first quarter of 2024.

“This world-class airport and economic enabler will provide over 25,000 job opportunities,” Abiodun said.

The governor said that having signed the 2024 Budget named ‘Budget of Sustained Growth and Development’ into law, his commitment to the well-being, welfare, development, and prosperity remained unwavering.

Abiodun called for more support and prayers from the people, assuring that his government would fulfill all the promises made during the campaign and electioneering, leading to the 2023 general elections.



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