Afenifere Urges Tinubu To Be Hard On Terrorists

The pan-Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, on Monday, called on President Bola Tinubu to go after the terrorists wreaking havoc in the country, saying that he could not afford to fail in this critical national assignment.

The organisation said it was time for the President to demonstrate the political will and courage to annihilate the terrorists killing and abducting people in their hundreds.

Afenifere also called on Tinubu to commence restructuring the country to operate regional government under the parliamentary system while his recent pronouncement on state police should be allowed to have its foothold.

The socio-political group made the call on Monday in a statement jointly signed by its Publicity Secretary and Assistant, Mogaji Gboyega Adejumo and Justice Faloye respectively.

Speaking on the recent killings in Plateau as well as the abduction of over 100 schoolchildren in Kaduna, Afenifere said it was time for Tinubu to crush the criminals.

“It is down to you Mr. President if you would rather go the way of your predecessors, by looking the other way and let innocent blood flow, be disgraced and set for an early exit or find the strength, the will and the courage to face the sponsors of terror, with the resolve to eradicating this Àbíkú scourge from ever again taking root anywhere in our land,” the Afenifere said.

It also decried the hardship in the land, calling on the President to fix the economy.

“The Nigerian naira plunged to its lowest point on record in official trading as a shortage of US dollars persisted despite promises by the government to boost supply.

“Our people are dying due to hunger. Nigeria has become the hunger capital of the world. How are the people, so impoverished be saddled with paying ransom to kidnappers right in the middle of possibly the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world that even Ukraine a country with Russia lasting two years and still counting, is now the one to be sending humanitarian aid to Nigeria!?

“Let the people begin to see a change, Mr. President — A challenge being tackled over the years with the same methods, cannot yield a different result from a certain failure,” the organisation said.

It reiterated its call for the country to return to the parliamentary system of governance.

“Return the country to the parliamentary system of government. Bring back regionalism and watch our countrymen and our hopeless children begin to live again in dignity, right before your very eyes,” it said.


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