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Africa Magic To Premiere New Indigenous Series – Apo, Iwe, and Kariya This September

Nigeria is a large country with 371 ethnic groups with unique languages and sub-dialects. Each tribe has stories, cultures, traditions and myths that set them apart. As the world becomes increasingly smaller thanks to the internet and the global village phenomenon, staying in touch with these cultures is critical. One of the best ways to ensure we tell these stories is by putting them in films and series.

There is, without a doubt, power in our indigenous stories, especially those told in the local languages. In the past, Africa Magic has spotlighted some Nigerian minority groups like Idoma on Ajoche or Itsekiri on Riona. However, these shows were in English.

This September, Africa Magic will launch new original indigenous shows on the local language channels- Kariya (AM Hausa), Apo (AM Yoruba) and Iwe (AM Igbo). A previous run had seen the emergence of Irora Iya, Dala Dala and Nwanyi Ike.

APO (Bag)

Imagine this – you walk into your compound one bright morning and find a bag filled with money, a gun and some charms. What do you do? That’s what happens to the Olanrewaju Compound tenants in Apo (bag or sack). Apo, a 26-part Yoruba series that follows six poor tenants living in a face-me-I-face-you building after they find a bag filled with money, charms and a gun in their compound. They see the money as a chance to escape their current financial realities and will go to any length to ‘secure the bag’. They don’t know a ghost is haunting the money and will punish whoever finally gets it. Don’t miss this explosive show when it premieres in September. It will air every Monday and Tuesday at 6:30 pm on Africa Magic Yoruba. Enjoy repeat broadcasts every Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 pm.

IWE (anger)

Iwe (anger) digs deep into pre-colonial Igbo land with some elements of mythology. It is an 80-part series about two kingdoms, once brothers ages ago but now separated by decades of resentment, jealousy and greed. A brave young prince, fueled by a deep desire to prove himself and propelled by unrecognised forces, takes a bold step to save his kingdom from its oppressor and unknowingly reconnects with his real family. He is unaware that his destiny is more intertwined with those of his enemies than he ever imagined. Iwe will launch on September 18 and air every weekday on Africa Magic Igbo at 7 pm.


To our Hausa-speaking viewers, the newly-wedded and about-to-be-married couples of any tribe, and romantic drama lovers comes Kariya (Sanctuary). Kariya premieres on September 22 and airs new episodes every Monday to Wednesday at 8 pm. Kariya is about renowned Islamic relationship counsellors Tariq and Hadiza Al-Hassan, who are on the brink of divorce after Tariq’s infidelity threatens to become a public scandal. Zara, Tariq’s mistress, is carrying his child and threatening to disclose this along with their long affair on social media if he does not pay her off. Amidst the turmoil, they face a home invasion of armed individuals on the run from the police. Bound and gagged, Tariq and Hadiza must cooperate to survive and ensure their captors remain satisfied. As tension mounts and secrets are unveiled, their fates intertwine, testing loyalties and pushing the boundaries of trust.

These series, albeit in different genres and languages, will compel viewers to think deeply and reconsider life as they know it. They will induce family discourse, causing each member to answer the ‘what would you do if this was you’ question. Most of all, they promise to be intriguing, exciting, and entertaining and keep viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

With its promise of captivating storytelling, Africa Magic continues to lead in the delivery of true-to-life storytelling and experiences like no other. Visit Africa Magic for additional information.


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