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African Magic’s Arewa Game Show, Delights Fans and Culture Lovers

Arewa Game Show, one of the latest sensations on African Magic, is currently bringing a whole new level of fun and excitement to your weekends! Airing every Saturday and Sunday on DStv channel 159 at 8:30 pm, the game show is a spectacle of entertainment and pure delight.

Dubbed ‘The Ultimate fun-filled Hausa game show,’ Arewa Game Show follows a 30-minute format with two teams locked in a friendly competition for exciting prizes. The setup involves two groups, each comprising three contestants, battling it out in three thrilling games where the team with the most points emerges as the ultimate winner.

This format encourages teamwork and collaboration in order to compete and win, creating a sense of bonding that has resonated well with viewers.

Whether participants are skillfully aiming at cups, hilariously bouncing pongs off the table in the Cup Pongs game, targeting holes with uproarious reactions when they miss, or engaging in culturally enriching trivia exploring the depth of Hausa culture and beyond – viewers are in for a treat!
As the show progresses, the ultimate Hausa game show promises an equal mix of informative and hilarious, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a delightful blend of entertainment and cultural appreciation after a long week of work.

Don’t miss out! Tune in to DStv channel 159 and GOtv channel 3 every Saturday and Sunday at 8:30 pm to join the ongoing fun and experience the magic of Arewa Game Show firsthand.


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