Ajimobi Boosts Morale Of Sacked LG/LCDA Chairmen

The immediate past governor of Oyo state, Senator Abiola Ajimobi boosted the morale of sacked local go chairmen by Governor Seyi Makinde by saying law is on their side and that they are on right track by going to court to seek redress.
As he said one of the problems he has is seeking perfection in an imperfect world.
Ajimobi made the statement while speaking during at a special reception organised for him by an indurialist who is also his in-law, Chief Kola Daisi in Ibadan, the state capital.
He said he has been doing many
things about the case of the disolution of council chairmen since the new government in the state pronunced their disolution, but he chosed to be doing it silently.
While lauding those who came to honour him irrepective of political affiliations, Ajimobi noted that he feel honoured with the calibre of the people that graced the event.
“One of the problems I have is to try to be perfect in an imperfect world. I seek perfection. But I achieve excellence. People present here represent excellence.They are people of excellence.  They are nobles. They reached pinacle in their chosen careers. People gathered here are nobles. The elites of elites”.
Being his first appearance in public event since he lost his senatorial election in March this year, Ajimobi dissmised the general believe that the people of the state refused to vote for him because he had offended them.
He noted that he had contested election in five times in the state and won in four times, which signified the support of the people of Ibadanland for him.
While describing political parties as a vehicle to various destination, the former governor noted that any vehicle could take politicians to their destinations, but “the most important thing is good governance”.
He then urged the governorship candidate of the party in the last general elections, Chief Bayo Adelabu to learn from his mistakes and prepare for future elections
According to him, “Party is a vehicle and any vehicle can take you to your destination. The most important thing is good governance. I thank people who regardless of their political party attended this event.
Before I came on board as governor, people told me that in my first 2 years, I was going to fight with three people namely: Alafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, the Late Arisekola Alao and the Islamic cleric, Alhaji Muideen Bello but thank God, I didn’t fight any of them. I fight only bad people.
“To you our chairmen in the state, people said I didn’t do anything about your plight, it is not true. I am doing something about it,  just that silence is golden at this moment. You are on the right track because law is on your side.
“Some people met me and said Ibadan people are angry with me and that was why I lost election but I told them that I have contested elections in five time which I won in four times,  with that,  how would anybody says my people are angry with me?
“Today is a day of validation and my happiest day. This is because of the caliber of the people who are here to honor me and my family. They are the people who had got to the penacle of their proffesions. The gathering here today has concentration of nobles.
“Someone was talking the other time and said the whole Ibadan people are here.  He was not talking about their numbers but he was talking about the quality of people here.  I got the validation of people that matters in Ibadan today”, he concluded.

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