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All the ways to Keep Your Faves In The House Without Breaking A Sweat

Big Brother Naija All Stars has been dramatic, entertaining, and filled with premium content

We always knew the season would give everything it was meant to give, but the housemates are going beyond and above our expectations. Fans are shifting bases, people are reconsidering their faves, and everything is up in the air right now. The housemates have a fair chance to win the hearts of both old and new viewers. Just ask Ilebaye. Anything is possible.

It’s time for the fanbases to rise. Like Award-winning actor Timini Egbuson rightly said  – the first housemate to go home may have to relocate because they will collect premium dragging. To ensure your fave doesn’t fall into this unfortunate category, we’ve created a simple list to teach you how to get them to the finale by voting. 

First, you need to know that there are four ways to vote. They are:

1. The DStv app:

It allows you to receive at least 200 votes and 10,000 votes at most. This doesn’t mean you have to vote 10,000 times. You can use all the votes at once or share whatever number of votes you have based on your subscription with as many housemates as you want. The app is only available to DStv subscribers. You can only vote if you have an active subscription.

2. The GOtv app: 

It allows you to receive up to 750 and at least 200 votes. It is only open to GOtv subscribers and works similarly to the DStv app.

3. The website: 

It is accessible only by laptop and takes you directly to the voting platform. To vote via the website and the mobile site, you must register with your name, surname, email, year of birth, gender, location, and cell phone number via a ‘One Time Pin (OTP)’ and choose a password for your user profile. 

4. The mobile site: 

The mobile site works similarly to the website, but you can only access it via your phone. 

To vote via the MyDStv and MyGOtv app, you must download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store. Still, you have a better chance of truly helping your fave make it to the finals when you vote via the apps, as they get more voting numbers, while the mobile and website are limited to only 100 votes each. 

Check out the full breakdown of votes below:

DStv Prestige – 10,000

DStv Premium – 2500

DStv Compact Plus – 1500

DStv Compact – 750

GOTV Supa+ – 750

DStv Confam – 500

GOTV Supa – 500

GOTV Max – 350

DStv Yanga – 200

GOTV Jolli – 200

To ensure that your fave gets the maximum votes possible, you can encourage your loved ones to use their different subscriptions and IUC numbers to vote for them. The more people voting, the better for your fave. 

In this case, your IUC is your PVC, and you don’t need to worry about political discrepancies. So, get ready to get your fave to the finish line. This week, XXX, XXX, XXX, and XXXX are up for possible eviction. Only your votes can save them. 

For more information, visit Moniepoint is the BBNaija All-Stars headline sponsor. HFM Nigeria is the associate sponsor.


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