Amo Farm Celebrates Easter, Encourages Reflection and Community

Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited extends warm wishes to all Christians celebrating Easter, a time to commemorate the life and legacy of Jesus Christ.

As a company dedicated to fostering positive change within the agricultural sector, Amo Farm recognizes the importance of values like compassion, dedication, and perseverance – values that resonate deeply during this sacred holiday.

Dr. Ayoola Oduntan, Group Managing Director of Amo Farm, encourages everyone to use this Easter season for introspection.

“Easter is an opportunity to reflect on the principles that guide us – principles of kindness, service to others, and a commitment to building a better future. These values are essential not only in faith but also in fostering a thriving community,” Dr. Oduntan stated.

Amo Farm invites everyone to celebrate Easter with loved ones and create joyful memories.

“A joyous spirit is at the heart of any celebration,” says Itoro Awala-Ale, Business Development Manager at Amo Farm.

Amo Farm takes pride in its dedication to agricultural innovation, and the Noiler Bird, a revolutionary product born from years of research, exemplifies this commitment.

“The Noiler offers a healthier and more sustainable way to raise poultry for families and communities,” says Awala-Ale.

She added, “This innovation, along with our focus on empowering women in rural areas, demonstrates our commitment to building a stronger future for all.”

Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited is a leading innovator in the Nigerian agricultural sector. Through dedication to research and development, Amo Farm provides high-quality poultry solutions that improve livelihoods and contribute to sustainable development.


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