Amo Farms Celebrates Nigeria At 63, Promises Affordable Food Protein to Boost Government Food Security Initiative

Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited, the producers of Noiler dual-purpose chicken breed (for both meat and eggs) for affordable nutritional protein consumption to Nigerians in line with the Federal Government food security initiative, joins the nation in  marking her 63rd Independence Day Anniversary.

As a reputable organisation, it is poised to improve rural protein consumption and create a sustainable source of income for rural women in Africa, with Amo Farms being the major driver of small-scale poultry farming with critical roles in ensuring food security and nutrition, while providing the Noiler protein consumption to boost Federal Government’s stance on food security for the well-being of the citizenry for a progressive nation in agricultural development. 

While reiterating his company’s commitment to the provision of affordable food protein to Nigerians through agricultural initiatives, Dr Ayoola Oduntan, the Group Managing Director of Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited declared his company’s total support for the Federal Government food security initiative and the state of emergency recently declared to address food sufficiency in Nigeria. 

He added that the occasion of Nigeria’s independence celebration should resonate with our patriotism and rededication to our national developmental goals which our company is entirely committed to through agricultural initiatives that would erase the traits of malnutrition in Nigeria.

Dr. Oduntan stated that the well-being of Nigerians should be a collective effort by the government and the private sector, in order to achieve the desired impact, considering the enormous task involved. “This challenge has inspired Amo Farm’s strategic role in supporting 1.4 smallholder farmers in Nigeria and Africa to partake in small-scale poultry farming in Noiler, the dual purpose yield high-quality chicken,” he said.

Noiler is a genetically improved dual-purpose chicken breed that is similar in looks and taste to the native chicken, but is resistant to diseases, and produces four times more eggs and three times more meat. 

It was developed by Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Ltd. (ASFH) after several years of research through a pedigree breeding and selection programme, along the lines of the indigenous chicken, which is the chicken of choice in Nigeria because of its distinctive taste and texture. 

AFSH is the leading producer of eggs, point-of-lay pullets, cattle, and fish in Nigeria, with a strong commitment to  produce a dual-purpose chicken to help solve the problems of poverty, infant mortality, child malnutrition and gender inequality. This would be achieved through a chicken which would provide meat and eggs as protein for the whole family, and primarily be reared and sold by women, thereby improving their status and decision-making power in the rural community. 


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