Anambra CP Calls For Transparency As Police Recruitment Commences

The Anambra State Commissioner of Police, CP Aderemi Adeoye, has stressed the need for transparency and professionalism in the recruitment of new officers in the police force.

Adeoye stated this on Monday while addressing the recruitment board at the Police Headquarters in Awka, Anambra State.

He stressed the importance of maintaining a fair and merit-based selection process during the recruitment of new officers to join the Anambra State Police Force.

He noted the need for transparency and professionalism, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are chosen to join the force.

He said, “The recruitment process will be transparent, and updates on the progress will be communicated to the public through official channels.

“Members of the public should disregard unverified information regarding the recruitment and report any incidents of corruption or misconduct by those involved in the process.

“With the recruitment board now convened, the selection process for new officers in the Anambra State Police Force is expected to proceed in an impartial and transparent manner, ensuring that only the most capable individuals are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining law and order in the state.”

Adeoye commended the board members for their dedication and reminded them of the importance of their task in building a competent and reliable police force.

He also urged the prospective candidates to prepare themselves adequately, as they will be expected to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

During the exercise, the Head of the Police team, DCP Okey Nwabufo, highlighted the rigorous steps involved in the recruitment process.

Nwabufo said the various stages for the recruitment include written examinations, physical fitness tests, medical examinations and interviews, all designed to select individuals with the necessary skills and character traits required for effective policing.

The head of the South-East PSC team, Okoli Anuli-Elfreda, commended the effort put into the selection process.

Anuli-Elfreda assured the Commissioner and other board members that her team would work diligently to ensure that every applicant is evaluated fairly, without any form of bias or favouritism.

Representing Police Affairs, Okolo Anulika, expressed her gratitude for being part of the recruitment board, pledging to contribute her expertise and experience to ensure a smooth and successful recruitment process.


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