Antoine Griezmann, Player Of The Tournament At Euro 2016

Antoine Griezmann was one of the best players of the 2010s, and the Frenchman is primarily known to fans for his performances for Atletico. It is easy to find the Football scores today of the Los Rojiblancos’ matches on the sports statistics website.

Griezmann also showed himself to be a true leader at the national team level. Euro 2016 was his finest hour. That tournament was held in France, the player’s homeland. Therefore, he was at his best in front of home supporters.

Antoine had six goals in the course of the tournament. As a result, it was Griezmann who won the scoring race despite the presence of star competitors like Cristiano Ronaldo, Romelu Lukaku, Harry Kane, and others.

Thanks to Antoine’s convincing display, France managed to reach the final match. Unfortunately, Griezmann failed to score in the final which saw France lose to Portugal 1-0.

You can easily keep up with the football scores of these teams today on our proven statistics platform. As for Griezmann, despite the fact that his team lost in the final match, it was Antoine who has been named the 2016 Euros Player of the Tournament. This is a clear demonstration of how brilliant he has been. 

 What are the strengths of this player?

There was no doubt Griezmann is a talented forward, but he proved himself as a real leader at that competition. The player was a central figure in the attacking formation of the French players. Fans can find out their current football scores live on the sports statistics website. 

At the 2016 Euro, Antoine not only completed the attacks of his team but also regularly created chances for his teammates. Therefore, his role cannot be overestimated. The Frenchman managed to make a great tournament due to:

  1. Didier Deschamps’ full trust. The head coach was determined to play Griezmann, and he did not regret it. The most important thing is that the player believed in his own strength.
  1. Good understanding of partners. For example, Griezmann combined well with Olivier Giroud, Paul Pogba, Dimitri Payet, and other French stars.
  1. Technique. Thanks to his dribbling, the player could outrun almost any opponent. This allowed him to get into the most suitable position for the shot.

In this way, Griezmann had a really great tournament, so winning the individual prize was quite natural.

Today, fans can follow the football scores of the matches involving the French in live mode on the proven platform. It is with this team that Griezmann will eventually win the World Cup in 2018 and manage to triumph in the League of Nations in 2021.


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