Art of Technology 5.0 to Explore Relationship Between Technology And Creativity, Organizers Say

Organizers of the biggest tech ecosystem event in Nigeria, Art Of Technology Lagos, have revealed that the fifth edition of the conference will explore the symbiotic relationship between technology and creativity.

Speaking on the event scheduled to be held in December, Olatubosun Alake, convener of the conference and Commissioner for Innovation, Science and Technology, Lagos State, revealed that the conference in its fifth edition will espouse two critical pillars that are shaping the future of Lagos State.

“AOT 5.0 focuses on two pillars – “The Creative Economy” and “A Digital Lagos” where policymakers, tech enthusiasts, creatives, innovators and ecosystem leaders, shaping the future in their various fields will converge to explore the symbiotic relationship between creativity and technology”, Mr. Alake stated.  

Victor Afolabi, Curator of the Art of Technology Lagos added that technology, in its multifaceted forms, serves as a toolbox for creators and innovators, offering new mediums, tools, platforms, and methods for expression and problem-solving. “The creative economy sector of Lagos State is driven by a highly skilled and innovative workforce using technology to solve multifaceted problems with art, which significantly impacts the state’s economy; hence, the need to focus on the creative economy and a digital Lagos”, Mr. Afolabi opined.

Digital art platforms allow artists and creatives to expand their creativity beyond traditional mediums with the use of technology. Creative industries like film, music, fashion, design, and advertising amongst others use technology to amplify their art forms and solve problems in their various niche, thereby significantly impacting the economy; this is poised for further growth in the coming years.

Art of Technology Lagos (AOT) is an annual tech conference curated by the Eko Innovation Centre, and sponsored by the Lagos State Government – the economic and technology epicentre of Nigeria. The tech conference will bring together pioneers, professionals, and enthusiasts to unearth strategies that will steer the tech and creative industries in the state to greater heights.

Some highlights of this year’s conference will include exploring synergies between creativity and technology, examining the digital transformation of Lagos, collaborative networking and engagement with industry stakeholders and experts, as well as empowerment of creatives by equipping them with tools to navigate the evolving landscape.

AOT 5.0 isn’t just a conference; it’s a catalyst for change, shaping the future landscape of the creative economy and digital transformation in Lagos.

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