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Bakare Faro Postal Code / Zip Code – Lagos State

Bakare Faro is a popular street in the Surulere area of Lagos, Nigeria. It is known for its bustling commercial activities and vibrant atmosphere. Bakare Faro Postal Code / Zip Code

It contains several streets that make use of the same postal or zip code.

Here are the streets in Bakare Faro and their postcode:

Abikoye Str.102216
Adejiyan Str.102216
Akindele Str.102216
Akinsipe Str.102216
Akinyemi Str.102216
Aloto Lane Str.102216
Amusa Str.102216
Anjorin Close102216
Anjorin Str.102216
Aro Str.102216
Bakare Faro Str.102216
Dispensary Str.102216
Fagbemi Str.102216
Gbeleyi Lane102216
Ishaga Close 102216
Ishaga Str.102216
Lasisi Str.102216
Mosafejo Close 102216
Mosafejo Rd.102216
Odofin Str.102216
Ogo Oluwayane Lane 102216
Olumokun Str.102216
Omololu Str.102216
Onisapa Str.102216
Opadola Close102216
Opadola Str.102216
Otua Str.102216
Sanni Str.102216
Shoga Close102216
Shoga Str.102216
Yusuf Lasan Str.102216


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