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BBNAIJA ALL STARS: Pere And Soma Choose Tolanibaj As Confidant In House

Tolanibaj, now the confidant for Pere and Soma about issues they now face due to the HOH drama that occurred on Big Brother Naija All Stars.

Tolanibaj shared with Big Brother during her diary session, Pere’s attempt the night before to leave the All Stars show.

And this was due to his altercation with Adekunle over being cheated during the HOH games.

She said,” Rather than him blow somebody he said he wanted to leave the house, he got really emotional, it was my first time seeing Pere cry and a lot of people didn’t see that.

He got quite vulnerable, he was saying how difficult it is for the whole house to be against him, so he talked about the past trauma during his own season how the whole house was against him and he felt alone.

The experience was quite trying and he started to feel that way yesterday”.

She said she convinced him not to go and was glad to have been a shoulder for him during that tough time in the house.

Soma also shared with Tolanibaj in a conversation in the garden divulged that Angel wasn’t there for him during his breakdown on Monday.

This is strange to hear because was shown trying to calm him down before Big Brother stepped in.

But he makes it clear that she doesn’t like expressing her feelings and that was what he needed from her when he broke down.

Tolanibaj expressed that her reluctance to communicate may be from a past trauma and he just had to work at them sitting down to talk about things.

Pere isn’t the first All Stars housemate that has voiced their desire to leave the show at one point or the other.

It seems the game is getting intense for the housemates to keep up with.

One also wonders if there would be repercussions for threats made during the Adekunle and Pere altercation.


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