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#BBNaijaAllStars: A Kiss-Filled Pool And Grill Party 

The fourth pool and grill party with the All-Stars was as fun as expected. The party started with the housemates all focused on enjoying Biggie’s treats; however, ships soon took over. 

We saw romantic gestures and kisses from Adekunle and Venita, Angel, and Soma, and even Neoenergy and Tolanibaj all night. 

Are Neoenergy and Tolanibaj a ship? 

While there have been speculations about their closeness among housemates, especially from evicted housemate Uriel who had a thing for Neoenergy, Tolanibaj and Neoenergy claim to be close buds. 

Tolanibaj has called him her “comfort” person, and the duo has built an alliance since their first day on All-Stars.

Although Tolanibaj has admitted her feelings for Neoenergy, they are not officially romantically connected. However, with the steamy kiss they shared at the pool party, could a possible ship be getting ready to sail?

Venita and Neoenergy reconcile 

 All Stars cousins Neoenergy and Venita have been at loggerheads for a while. 

Although the root cause of their issue is unknown, they had a rift last week while the housemates tried to create their Nollywood movie. Venita had also poured out her heart about her relationship with Neoenergy in a diary session.

After the pool party, Neoenergy approached Venita to apologise. They shared several hugs and had an emotional conversation which left Venita in tears. She expressed how hurt she was that they were not on speaking terms. Neoenergy apologised profusely and urged Venita to squash whatever issues they might have. Do you think she will? 


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