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#BBNaijaAllStars: A Spicy Night For Ilebaye And Venita 

The serene ambience of the house today was shattered recently when an unexpected feud between HoH and Finalist HoH, Ilebaye, and Venita. The underlying conflict came to a head during their task preparation. Venita accused Ilebaye of not contributing adequately.

After being tasked with organising a debate, Venita took charge of conceptualising the task’s ideas. However, she quickly grew frustrated with what she perceived as Ilebaye’s lack of contribution. This resentment boiled over as they exchanged heated words, almost derailing their preparation.

This incident wasn’t the first time Ilebaye faced accusations of not pulling her weight in the house tasks. As the current HoH, one of her responsibilities is to ensure that all housemates are actively engaged in house chores and weekly wagers. On Day 58, she woke up early to complete her chores by herself and then later urged other housemates to fulfill their assigned tasks while making it clear that such negligence should not recur. 

Despite their brewing feud, Ilebaye and Venita managed to put their differences aside temporarily and excelled in the debate task with their other team members. Their impressive performance was met with jubilation as they were announced as the winners. However, the tension between the two continued after the task. 

After the task winner’s announcement, the atmosphere in the house remained tense. Ilebaye, keen to maintain momentum, urged everyone to prepare for the weekly wager. Venita then stated: “I’m gonna eat my dinner first.” This remark sent a clear message that she was not willing to participate in the upcoming task anytime soon.

Venita’s reluctance to participate in the task presents a critical dilemma. She is undoubtedly the creative force behind the task, instrumental in bringing the housemates’ ideas to life during task planning. Her withdrawal could potentially cripple the group’s chances of success, especially if her creative contributions are absent.

Will Venita indeed refuse to participate in the task, potentially resulting in far-reaching consequences not only for her but for the entire house and their wager success?


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