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#BBNaijaAllStars: Adekunle And Venita Share Their First Kiss  

The night began with an enlightening sponsored task that required the All-Stars to work in teams and then write and present words of affirmation to themselves. 

While the first challenge was a walk in the park, the second task left the housemates emotional, notably Ike, Ilebaye, and Tolanibaj, who got teary-eyed as they revealed touching stories. 

Following Team Dano Full Cream’s announcement as the winner, the housemates’ still had heightened emotions leading to Adekunle and Venita’s cosiness and eventual kiss.

Housemates chat about their feelings 

On leaving the arena, Ceec, Cross, Ike and Seyi recounted how the task made them feel in the garden; Seyi mentioned how much he longed to be with his wife after reading a letter she wrote. Cross consoled him while Ceec expressed shock at how many housemates fought and held back tears as they presented

Adekunle and Venita discuss their task win

 While chatting to Venita in the laundry room, Adekunle mentioned that he felt that some housemates were not genuine during the task. He expressed that some “people’s tears were not real” and highlighted how he had encouraged Ilebaye to express herself without fear; which she did. 

The duo had been more than cosy since day 24; Venita spent most of the day caring for an ill Adekunle. As they engaged in discussion, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The lovebirds then went in for their first kiss of the season, leaving socials excited. 


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