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#BBNaijaAllStars: Angel Planting Love Letters Prank For Adekunle 

Angel took this week’s ‘Plant a Tree wager challenge to another level as she planted a love letter in Adekunle’s locker. Angel’s clandestine mission began with her writing the letter, reading it to herself, and finishing it off by spraying Ceec’s perfume on it before discreetly placing it in Adekunle’s locker amidst his clothes.

Let’s all backtrack a little and take a look at Angel and Venita’s friendship. It hasn’t been smooth sailing between these two, but we have seen a turnaround in their friendship, with both of them confiding in each other and discussing relationship palava. Venita was even seen conrowing Angel’s hair in the bedroom.

With both parties waving the white flag, we can’t help but wonder what Angel’s game is here. Could it be that she isn’t done with her payback on Venita? She did nominate Venita after all. 

As with all secret missions, the true impact of Angel’s love letter will only be revealed when it’s discovered, whether by Adekunle, Venita, or both. How they react to this unexpected surprise is anyone’s guess. With the exit of resident mischief-maker Ike, is Angel next for this position?

As the BBNaija All Stars housemates continue to strategise and plot, Angel’s love letter saga is just one more piece in the puzzle. When will the letter be discovered? What will the reaction be? Will it bring Adekunle and Venita closer together or cause a rift between them? And most importantly, what role will Angel play in all of this? We can’t wait for the drama to unfold.


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