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#BBNaijaAllStars: Ceec And Doyin Put A Pause On Their Ongoing Drama 

Ceec and Doyin have decided to put their differences aside. Their reconciliation happened this evening while they participated in the Supakomando task. Ceec and Doyin had a conversation in the garden to settle their differences, but it was cut short by the task preparations that needed to happen at that time.

In their brief conversation before calling a truce, Ceec explained to Doyin that she understood how Doyin felt and would try to step into her shoes more and understand things from where Doyin was coming from. “I never want to make you feel like you are not worthy to be Head of House,” Ceec said before giving Doyin a hug.

The squabble between the two began when they both accused each other of being snubbish without reason. Ceec had revealed this to Ike when she complained that Doyin had ignored her for no reason, and she decided to return the energy. Doyin also made the same complaint to Whitemoney, who mentioned that Ceec had done the same thing to him. The tension between Ceec and Doyin escalated further when Ceec refused to attend Doyin’s wager meeting on Tuesday morning.

Only time will tell if Ceec and Doyin can truly move past their issues and maintain a wahala-free relationship. It’s possible that they have learned from their previous conflicts and will strive to communicate better in the future. However, it’s important to remember that emotions can be unpredictable, so it’s best they both approach their reconciliation with cautious optimism.


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