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#BBNaijaAllStars: Cross Wins HoH As Somgel, Venita Dodge Nomination 

With Cross finally clinching the coveted HoH title and the black envelope going unclaimed, seven housemates are up for possible eviction.

Cross has come tantalisingly close to winninghead of house on many occasions. Each time, he fell short, fueling his desire to claim the crown. However, tonight was a turning point in his journey, emerging as the HoH winner.

Cross, who had his eye on the HoH title for some time, selected his allies for his reign. His choice of Adekunle, Neoenergy, Pere, and Whitemoney as his “BFFs” reflected his goal of securing the HoH position, as it meant that his friends would have the opportunity to enjoy the luxuries of the HoH lounge.

As nominations drew closer, conspiracies and manoeuvring within the house intensified and the housemates relentlessly hunted for the elusive black envelope containing the immunity card. At one point, Venita’s desperation led her to even look inside the pool, a testament to the lengths to which they were willing to go.  The tension reached its peak when, in a dramatic twist, the black envelope was discovered under the parrot’s wing, hidden in plain sight. It was a moment of disbelief and frustration for all the housemates who had searched high and low. As the realization set in that they had all lost out on the chance of immunity for the week, the nominations began.

Housemates nominated for potential eviction in the upcoming week are Adekunle, Alex, Ceec, Ilebaye, Mercy Eke, Neoenergy, and Whitemoney. They all received three or more nominations. This nomination list sets the stage for a week filled with uncertainty and high-stakes drama, as at least one of these housemates faces the possibility of leaving the house. This is not the first nominations rodeo for Ilebaye and Whitemoney who were both nominated last week. It is, however, the first time the rest have their heads on the eviction block. 

The table below shows how the All Stars nominated this week. 

*House guests in brackets as they will not make the final nominations.

AdekunleAlex, Ceec, Mercy Eke 
AngelIlebaye, (Sholzy), Whitemoney 
AlexAdekunle, (Sholzy), Venita 
CeecAdekunle, Ilebaye, Pere 
HoH CrossAlex, Ceec, Mercy Eke 
IlebayeAdekunle, Neoenergy, Pere 
Mercy Eke Adekunle, Neoenergy, Pere 
NeoenergyAlex, Ceec, Mercy Eke 
PereAlex, Soma, Mercy Eke 
SomaIlebaye, (Sholzy), Whitemoney 
VenitaAlex, Ceec, Mercy Eke 
Whitemoney Ceec, Neoenergy, Soma 

Who will be going home this coming Sunday? 


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