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#BBNaijaAllStars: HoH, Cross Lays Down The Law

As the All Stars deal with yesterday’s nominations, Adenita spotlights relationship issues currently rocking their ship.

The ghost of Untidy Dishes 

New Head of House, Cross had a meeting with the All Stars about the wager focusing on the fact that his predecessor won last week’s wager and he wants to continue the winning streak. The second item on his agenda was the All Stars untidy kitchen. He complained about the kitchen being in a terrible state after dinner last night to which Mercy Eke interjected that the people responsible for the mess should take care of it. Cross took the matter a step further by telling his fellow housemates to feel free to call out housemates who are untidy. He ended the meeting by assigning various housekeeping duties to the All-Stars. It seems like the issue of keeping the house clean will keep popping up.

Adenita’s sticky situation

Adekunle and Venita seem to have a new relationship issue to deal with this new week. Earlier on, Adekunle had a conversation with Angel where he did tried to find out what he did to be at odds with Venita this time. As Adekunle analyzed the matter, Mercy Eke’s name came up and he mentioned how the latter said “Without a man, I am 100” in the kitchen with Venita present. The friction between Mercy and Venita can be traced to when the former told Adekunle that she was going to rock him at the next Saturday rave. Adekunle who was confused about why he was in the middle between the two women palava didn’t have to wait for long as Venita entered the conversation to clear the air.

As Adekunle left Angel and Venita to talk, Venita listed the issues in their ship. She started with the fact that Adekunle was too accessible and friendly; he kept secrets (the love letter saga and Mercy’s comment), and he didn’t properly communicate with her. In expressing her frustration, Venita threatened to cut him off if need be. Recall that ex-housemate Doyin told Ebuka on Sunday that if Venita has an issue with a housemate, she wants the whole house to also have an issue with that person too. Could it be what is at play in the whole Adekunle and Mercy Eke matter?

Angel, playing the role of mediator, later gave Adekunle the summary of her conversation with Venita, advising them to have a conversation and sort it out. This role of mediator/relationship counselor Angel is playing—won’t it backfire on her?

The ship drama between Adekunle and Venita is one that we are familiar with from previous incidents.  Will they find their way back to each other? Or will Venita carry out her threat of cutting him off? The drama in the All Stars house never ends, and this week’s is off to an interesting start.


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