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#BBNaijaAllStars: Ike And Ilebaye Mend Fences 

On Day 26, Ike vandalised Ilebaye’s locker and threw her clothes on the bathroom floor, which earned him a strike. Although Ilebaye decided not to react to his actions, she was deeply hurt, and it was only a matter of time before the two had a one-on-one chat about the entire fiasco.

Ike approaches Ilebaye

While Ike had recounted his actions in a chat with Pere, he never spoke of his plans to apologise. Last night, however, he approached Ilebaye for a chat and acknowledged that he had taken things too far. 

Ilebaye accepted his apology, then asked him not to put another fellow housemate through what she experienced. Ike revealed that he has plans to set traps for other housemates, leading Ilebaye to reiterate that he must not go ahead with his intentions, unless he is willing to get another strike.

In response, Ike said while he knows there is a possibility of getting reprimanded again by Biggie, he is unsure whether or not he’ll win the grand prize, so he wants his fans to see his cunning side. Ilebaye responded by saying she knows he is a good person at heart and he should let others see the less chaotic version of Ike. 

Ilebaye added that  winning the game is by chance, and he should consider portraying a good attitude so he doesn’t get in the way of potential opportunities outside the house. She urged him to speak to Biggie and a therapist so he can let go of his hurt. 

Do you think Ike will stick to his plans, or take Ilebaye’s advice?


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