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 #BBNaijaAllStars: Ilebaye Apologises To Venita 

In Biggie’s house, Doyin and Ilebaye are two peas in a pod; they are constantly around each other, so it was no surprise when Doyin fought tooth and nail for Ilebaye last night in defence of her friend’s honour. 

Doyin was furious at the onlookers who watched Ike ransack Ilebaye’s clothing; more specifically confronting Venita, who she expected more from. Venita, however, took offence at this outrage directed her way and exchanged some heated words with Doyin, which compelled Ilebaye to issue an apology on her friend’s behalf.

Ilebaye and Venita have a sitdown

Ilebaye approached Venita to discuss Doyin’s harsh words yesterday, telling Venita that she had misconstrued Doyin’s words and pleaded for her to forgive Doyin. Venita, however, was not having it; claiming that Doyin was fond of inciting people against each other.

Venita brought up Cross and stated that Doyin was the one that incited Ceec, almost causing a rift between her and Ilebaye over Cross. She questioned their friendship and urged Ilebaye to be careful with Doyin as she was not straightforward.

Doyin expresses hurt.

Following Ilebaye’s conversation with Venita, Doyin was triggered as she did not appreciate the Gen Z baddie trying to reconcile with the Phoenix. Doyin stated that Ilebaye should not have entertained the “Cross” conversation with Venita, however, Ilebaye said she just wanted Venita to stop insulting Doyin and only approached her for the sake of peace.


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