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#BBNaijaAllStars: Is Kim Oprah avoiding Cross? 

Following Cross and Ilebaye‘s kiss last night, Biggie’s house guest Kim Oprah has seemingly been distancing herself from her blooming friendship with Cross; the duo had been doing almost everything together since her entry, and even Cross admitted to liking her while chatting with Ilebaye. Could the kiss be the reason why? 

Kim Oprah feels alone 

After a yoga session, Kim Oprah opened up to Pere and questioned why he avoided spending time with her. Pere responded by saying he assumed Cross was already taking care of her. She said that Cross was friendly with most housemates, and she often ended up being alone. 

Pere flirts with Kim Oprah 

Her rant prompted Pere to spend most of the day with Kim Oprah. After complimenting her outfit and good looks, they did the dishes together and ate. Pere and Kim Oprah were also cosied up at the dining table; they played games alongside Prince Nelson, and Kim Oprah even got Pere to sing for her.

While fans on socials are raving for a possible ship between Kim Oprah and Pere, his bromance with Cross and the fact that they just reconciled after a rift might get in the way, don’t you agree? 

Interestingly, according to Alex, Kim Oprah’s fellow house guest, Lucy, also has her eyes on Pere. Knowing their recent misunderstanding, do you think this ship can sail without causing some drama between the All-Stars?


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