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#BBNaijaAllStars: Is Neoenergy On The Loose And Angel On The Run? 

The live show and all that came with it really shook up the All Stars house as housemates gathered in clusters to talk about Ebuka‘s questions to Angel during the live show as well as Frodd and Tolanibaj’s eviction. 

Minutes after the live show ended, Angel, who was a recipient of Ebuka’s gbas gbos, sat in the garden defending the reason why she refused to pardon Adekunle, whom she called Venita‘s “boy toy” two weeks ago during the pardon me nominations. She passionately explained to Alex, Ceec and Ilebaye that she had her reasons for not pardoning Adekunle, emphasising that she was simply playing the game strategically and had to make tough decisions as other housemates had refused to pardon Adekunle when she first raised the issue with them, in a bid to help Venita spread the word about her boo. 

Will Venita ever forgive her for calling Adekunle her boy toy? Only time will tell. However, it is clear that Venita’s trust in Angel has been shaken and rebuilding it may require more than just an explanation. 

Uncertainty over friendships was looming in the house last night as Whitemoney also revealed to Doyin and Mercy that he is not interested in restoring his friendship with Ceec. While answering a series of questions from Doyin, he gave reasons why his fight with Ceec may not be coming to an end anytime soon. 

Neoenergy now a free agent?

While in the garden, Neoenergy expressed to Soma his disappointment at the eviction of Tolanibaj because she had played a significant part in his decision to return to Biggie’s house. Ceec and Ike, on the other hand, do not feel Neoenergy was totally purposeful with his friendship, questioning Neoenergy’s nonchalant behaviour towards Tolanibaj’s display of affection. They added that Tolanibaj’s occasional hostile behaviour towards the ladies was her lashing out because of Neoenergy’s energy towards her advances.

Ceec and Ike suggested that Neoenergy is a flirt, which is one of the reasons Tolanibaj acted jealously or possessively towards any of the ladies who got close to him. 

Now that Tolanibaj is out of the picture, will Neoenergy pursue other romantic interests in the house or focus on building stronger friendships with the remaining housemates? It will be interesting to see how Neoenergy’s interactions with the ladies will evolve now that Tolaniba has been evicted. Only time will tell if he will explore new romantic connections or prioritise strengthening his friendships. 


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