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#BBNaijaAllStars: Kim Oprah Crushes Fake Housemate Allegation 

Kim Oprah and Mercy Eke had a chat yesterday evening to hash out certain issues between them. The Pepper Dem winner explained to her fellow housemate from the same season the reason why she did not consider her a possible nominee for Pardon Me Please, which eventually never took place. 

Kim Oprah also expressed why she felt slighted by Mercy Eke’s actions before she revealed that she and a few other All-Stars believed that Kim Oprah and Sholzy, also a Pepper Dem alumnus, were fake housemates. 

Now we know Kim Oprah is just a houseguest, right?😏 However, the 27-year-young reality TV star did break character as she told Mercy Eke she had expressed this to Biggie saying he put a target on her back with the way Prince Nelson was told to leave the house. 

After Kim Oprah’s explanation about how she was not fake and how she also understood why other housemates would feel that way, Mercy Eke went on to apologise.

While Kim Oprah’s poker face and performance could have won her an Oscar, we wonder if her fellow Pepper Dem sista will buy her story or if they will see through her act. It’s clear that housemates are suspicious of KimOprah and Sholzy but will they be able to convince their fellow housemates that they are real? Only time will tell.


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