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#BBNaijaAllStars: Latecomers Locked Out Of Saturday Night Rave 

The Saturday Night Rave took an unexpected turn as 9 of the 18 housemates were locked out of the party room.

When Biggie calls, you listen!

As tensions eased and jubilation filled the air after the activity-filled Lush Hair task winner announcement, Biggie reminded housemates that the Saturday Night Rave was on the horizon. With anticipation building, the All-Stars were given an hour to prepare for the electrifying event. However, time slipped away like sand through their fingers, and when the moment arrived, nine out of the eighteen housemates found themselves locked out of the party room.

The Saturday Night Rave, known for its lively atmosphere and uninhibited dancing, commenced without the stranded housemates. The lucky few who had made it just in time were all the boys, save Adekunle who was ready on time but chose to wait for Venita, and Tolanibaj repping the firls. Lights flickered, music pulsed, and the lucky attendees began to revel in the moment. 

Tolanibaj emerged as the dancefloor diva of the night, capturing the spotlight with her infectious energy. As the only female housemate present, she took charge and made the dancefloor her domain. Did she enjoy the party knowing that “her that cannot be named” was not present? 

The party’s duration extended beyond the norm, prompting speculation about Biggie’s intentions. Was this a strategic move to test the remaining housemates’ resolve and punctuality? With the night dragging on, Alex took to the couch, while others had already swapped their party attire for more comfortable clothes. Kiddwaya vocalised the brewing sentiment that Big Brother was no longer playing games. Kiddwaya’s gesture of bringing a drink to Mercy Eke highlighted the mood among those left out. His comment, “That party was dead,” echoed the sentiment of disappointment, suggesting that missing out on the rave had cast a shadow over their night. Mercy Eke, in her candid manner, admitted that the locked-out scenario had indeed dampened their spirits.

Some of the nine housemates locked out of the rave found themselves in a separate reality, disconnected from the festivities. This incident begs the question: will this unexpected turn of events spark a change in the game? Will the housemates recognise the importance of punctuality and unity as they navigate the challenges that lie ahead?


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