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#BBNaijaAllStars: Mercy Eke Raises Concerns Over Ceec And Ike

In the early hours of this morning, Doyin and Sholzy advised Ike to talk things out with Mercy Eke and apologise for any past transgressions. They hoped that honest communication and a sincere apology for past offences would help clear up any misunderstandings, and pave the way for Ike and Mercy Eke to have a better relationship.

Ike struggled to take their advice since he didn’t want Mercy Eke to believe he was contacting her solely because nominations had just happened, and was concerned that his apology would not be seen as genuine. However, Sholzy made it plain that it was not vital for him to figure out what Mercy Eke was thinking and urged him to simply seize the opportunity to speak to her.

An unexpected plot twist

When Ike and Mercy Eke eventually found a moment to chat, it turned out a lot of he and Mercy Eke’s issues are centred around his association with Ceec. Mercy Eke expressed concern over Ike’s sudden closeness to Ceec and warned him about “impending direspect” from Ceec, if he continues associating with her. 

Was Mercy Eke “warning” Ike as an old friend, or does she see Ceec as competition for Ike’s affections? To further complicate matters, Ike then spilled the tea to Ceec, telling her how Doyin and Mercy had warned him to distance himself from her. This new information left Ceec shocked, and she voiced out her disappointment around Mercy’s comments specifically.

This morning, Ceec insisted she wouldn’t attend the brief reading that took place right after the workout session and as promised, she spent most of her time in bed. While speaking with Ike after the brief was read, Ceec made it clear she was ready to serve it hot to anyone who crossed her path. Doyin also seemed to be on a roll as she kept referring to Ceec “dealing with something”, saying at some point: “The girl is fighting demons.” When Doyin mentioned how Ceec would be ready to join the rest of the housemates when she was “done fighting”, Adekunle interjected, mentioning how no one had fought today, as far as he was aware.

With wahala loading, will we witness a huge fight in the house this week, or are we in for yet another week of calm? Also, will Ike take Mercy Eke’s advice into consideration.


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