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#BBNaijaAllStars: Popular Slang Used To Refer To Money 

As money week comes to a close, we look at some of the most commonly used words to refer to money.

Yesterday, the All-Stars snagged a win with their presentation of a new currency, which they named the Stylar. A name that was a play on the Nigerian naira and star. It is also worthy of note that many nations in real life have a history of creating nicknames for money based on cultural references or characteristics. For example, the British pound is often referred to as “quid,” while the American dollar is sometimes called “bucks.” These nicknames not only add a touch of familiarity and uniqueness to a country’s currency but also reflect the cultural identity and history of the nation. Come with us as we take a fun ride, looking through a couple of slang used to refer to money. 

Bread: One of the most popular staples around the world, bread has, for a while, become a popular slang used to refer to money. This term is believed to have originated from the idea that bread is a basic necessity of life, just like money, which is essential for survival in today’s society. So, next time someone asks you for some “bread,” you’ll know they’re not talking about a loaf from the bakery! 

Moolah: Moolah is thought to have originated from the Yiddish word “mool” or “mohl,” which means coin. It eventually made its way into American slang and is now commonly used to refer to money. The term “moolah” adds a playful and lighthearted tone when discussing finances, making it a fun alternative to more formal terms like “currency” or “cash.”

Bucks: The term “bucks” is believed to have originated from the use of deer skins as a form of currency in early American settlements. It became a colloquial term for money and is still widely used today. Referring to money as “bucks” adds a casual and familiar tone to conversations about finances, making it a popular slang term among friends and acquaintances. 

Cheddar: Another popular slang term for money is “cheddar.” This term likely originated from the fact that cheddar cheese has a yellowish colour, similar to the colour of some banknotes. The association between cheddar cheese and money may have also been influenced by the phrase “big cheese,” which historically referred to someone who held a position of power or wealth. Whatever the case, the term has become one of the most widely used slang for money in a lot of English-speaking countries. 

Dough: Another popular slang term for money is “dough.” This term likely originated from the idea that money is a necessary ingredient, just like dough is a key component in baking. It is believed that the term “dough” gained popularity in the early 20th century, possibly due to the rising importance of money in a rapidly industrialising society. Additionally, the malleable and versatile nature of dough may have symbolised the potential for wealth and financial success. 

Cash: Another popular term for money is “cash.” This term is derived from the Latin word “cassa,” meaning box or chest, which was used to store and protect valuable items, including money. The use of “cash” to refer to money became widespread in the late 19th century as economies became more cash-based and the need for a concise term grew. 


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