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#BBNaijaAllStars: Seyi, Ike, And Tolanibaj’s Post-Party Drama 

The housemates once again set Biggie’s house on fire with their antics and statements

Last week, the house experienced an unusually peaceful post-party experience. In the early hours of today, however, the house went back to default settings as drama ensued between Doyin and Ike, Seyi and the “younger generation”, as well as Tolanibaj and Neoenergy’s “side chicks”.

Protecting her man

Tolanibaj’s actions seem to confirm a ship between herself and Neoenergy, as she made it clear after the Saturday night rave that she did not want anyone calling on Neoenergy’s name, otherwise there would be hell to pay. We do not know who the target of this statement was, but Tolanibaj definitely seems to be making it clear that no other woman is allowed near her person. Some BB Naija fans reckon she was talking about Ceec, who Neoenergy had given a drink to after the rave, while others speculated it could have been Ilebaye, who she is currently embroiled in a the-boy-is-mine-esque tiff with, over Neoenergy.

Ike and Doyin go head-to-head

The drama of the night continued with Ike and Doyin having a go at each other about lockergate. Ike didn’t take kindly to being put on the spot about his actions when quizzed by Doyin, and ranted about how anyone who takes his friends’ things will always be a target. “How many strikes did I catch in my season? I came ready to catch strikes even now. Strikes be my brand. Angel is next,” he yelled, as Doyin and Kiddwaya looked on. Later, Venita urged Ike to go to bed so that Doyin does not “use him for highlights” and when it was clear Ike was not trying to listen, she sat on him while he lay in bed and forced him to count to 100. Later, Doyin mentioned to Ceec she does not feel the house is safe with Ike around. “He does things and thinks about it later,” she told Ceec who told her: “Ike knows what he’s doing. He’s been on the show.”

When it seemed the night’s drama could have possibly died down, Seyi entered the scene with yet another round.

Seyi went on a long rant, first with Alex as his target. He told her: “Alex, do not hiss at me. I am not Frodd,” amongst many other things, after she walked away during a heated conversation they were having around the rave, and then with other housemates about Ilebaye and Doyin. He spoke mostly about how someone would have been “hurt” if Ike had been disqualified days ago, and how this new generation has no respect. He spoke to Whitemoney and Pere about how they were role models and how it was their job to teach respect to the younger ones. He further went on to express his strong opinions on how his boy children will behave where girls are concerned. We do not know if it was the alcohol, but Seyi’s emotions seemed to be running high as he expressed his opinions. His words sparked intense debate online, with a lot of folks challenging his views. 

Kiddwaya and Cross’ rough and tumble

Some of the guys, including Cross, managed to sneak some booze out of the rave for the girls, even though their plan to hide copious amounts of it failed. With booze being scarce and Cross holding on to some cans to give the girls, some of the guys tried to make a beeline for it, so it doesn’t reach the recipients. Kiddwaya snatched a can out of Cross’ hand, an act that saw the two tumble and wrestle for it. Eventually, Kiddwaya subdued Cross via a chokehold, that ended with Cross trying to fix his broken glasses. 

Only time will tell if the housemates can find a way to coexist peacefully and bridge the generation gap. However, it is clear that Seyi’s bold statements have ignited a conversation about respect and responsibility within the house. 


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