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#BBNaijaAllStars: Ships Are A No-Go Area For Ike’s Game Plan

Ike shares why he would not get into a ship in the house, and where he stands with his previous involvement with Mercy Eke.

An intriguing conversation recently unfolded between Ike, Kiddwaya, and Doyin, shedding light on the ship that Ike was in with the current HoH, Mercy Eke, and the potential impact this may have on the game. 

Kiddwaya initiated the dialogue by turning to Ike and inquiring about his feelings for Mercy Eke. Kiddwaya had shared a seemingly affectionate moment with Mercy Eke after the pool and grill party last night, prompting him to question Ike’s sentiments. “Do you still have feelings for Mercy Eke?” he asked directly. 

Ike’s response was candid and he explained that he was wary of fully engaging in a romantic relationship within the house. His rationale was clear and concise: “It keeps you from winning the money.” Ike’s perspective spoke to the potential distractions that emotional entanglements might pose in the pursuit of the coveted prize.

As the conversation deepened, Doyin entered the scene, injecting a fresh take on the discussion. Ike elaborated on the conversation for Doyin’s benefit, sharing his belief that being in a ‘ship’ might offer an advantage to female housemates, but it could prove detrimental to the male contestants’ focus on the game. Doyin, however, offered a different viewpoint, citing the example of previous winner Laycon who had been part of a ship with Erica. 

The conversation soon evolved into a spirited debate, with Ike and Kiddwaya steadfast in their conviction that romantic relationships could divert attention from the ultimate goal—which is to bag the prize money, especially for the guy in the ship. Doyin’s counterargument was built on the premise that genuine connections could enhance the overall experience and possibly contribute positively to the housemate’s favour with the audience.

Ike’s stance was reinforced by a more personal reason: his financial ventures with Mercy Eke outside the house. He playfully challenged her to “give me your coins and show me it’s real,” alluding to the deals they had pursued upon leaving the Big Brother house. 

Ike admitted his fondness for money, dubbing it an undeniable fact, and he has been on a quest to collect his fellow housemates’ Moniepoint coins, a cheeky attempt at accumulating additional funds. 

Could Kiddwaya’s probing question be a veiled expression of his interest in pursuing a ship with Mercy Eke? Is Ike’s inability to provide a straightforward response indicative of a more intricate emotional landscape?

The Big Brother Naija house often serves as a microcosm of human dynamics, showcasing the delicate balancing act between personal connections and strategic decision-making. As the conversations continue to unfold, viewers are left to ponder the intricate web of relationships and the impact they have on the journey towards victory.


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