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#BBNaijaAllStars: The Claws Are Out; Here’s Why!

Big Brother Naija All-Stars is a one-of-a-kind season of Africa’s biggest reality TV show featuring past housemates returning to the Biggieverse as new housemates. This means they’ve played the game before and have an idea of how the show works.

The All-Stars housemates understand some parts of fan psychology and that Big Brother can pull a series of twists. Their experience has been quite clear since the season premiered on July 23 with all the strategic meetings, the obvious script play, and the numerous alliances formed in the house.

However, the constant need to strategize and be in alliances is starting to tear the house apart, and Biggie’s twist is as much an issue as the housemates’ paranoia. One of the simplest ways to enjoy the game is to give yourself to the process. However, the housemates are always trying to match Big Brother at his game, forgetting that he is always watching and he’s always one step ahead.

During the fourth HOH game on Monday, the house disintegrated into factions and groups. All the strategic meetings came to a head, especially with most of the males hell-bent on sending the females home first and groups from the same set like Pepper Dem and Level Up determined to help each other make it to at least the Top 10.

Still, let’s answer the big question – why are the claws out? The number one reason is that the housemates are paranoid, and no matter how hard they try, they can’t figure out Big Brother’s plans. They are worried about the eviction styles so far, with Adekunle declaring that they’ve been weird. But above all, the housemates have a reputation to protect and bringing the first or the first five to go will be a big blow to their egos.

So what’s the alternative? Strategize, form alliances, pull every dirty trick in the book to win one of the three types of immunities this season (HOH, Black Envelope, and Pardon Me Please) or play to the audience and hope to hell that they love you.

After all is said and done, only the fans and the eviction can dictate the show’s pace by voting. Fans must vote for their favourite housemates to keep them safe week after week and reduce their paranoia or risk them facing the jury’s wrath.

In Gen-Z parlance, las las, the claws being out is making for fantastic television and premium entertainment, so we are here for it!


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