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#BBNaijaAllStars: “What Is Life Without Hate?” — Seyi Awolowo Tells People Hating Him For Misogynistic Comment

Controversial and evicted Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate, Seyi Awolowo, has revealed that there is no life without hate and he will keep on being himself.

This was following his eviction from the Big Brother’s house, and getting outside to know that a lot of people are hating him because of the misogynistic comment he made when he was still in the reality television show.

The evicted Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate made this known during an interview on Pulse Nigeria’s One-on-One program.

He was asked about his feelings regarding his eviction, considering how he felt that he’d emerge victorious in the end.

He then noted that he knew that he was despised before coming out of the Big Brother house.

He cockily expressed his indifference saying, “Coming out knowing that a lot of people hated me, what is life without hate? a lot of people hate me for being who I am, Too bad for y’all, I’m still me.”

He also stressed that he does not have time and does not care to be loved by people who don’t know him.

Seyi also expressed that it is not possible for someone not to be hated by people and he actually doesn’t care. He then added that one can only know if hating him is worth the stress after getting to know him.

He said, “There’s no time, if you don’t know me you can’t love me, if you take the time to know me, or you look for me and know who I am, then you would know if it is worth it to hate me or love me. Find out who you are hating before you hate the person.”

The reality star has been facing backlash from the public since making derogatory and worrisome comments during his time in the house.

There he hinted at someday allowing his sons indulge in non-consensual threeways with people’s daughters.

His infamous words were, “I get shina account for my son, miscellaneous account. I get that account for my son, I will give them the keys to the guest house, they will go run train on people’s daughters. I gave birth to a boy first and he will f**k your daughter. They go come meet me say, Daddy, I need the Benz. I’ll give them the Benz, I’ll give them the key to the guesthouse, they go go run train on people daughter. I’m giving birth to boys and they go dey f**k people daughter.”

After his eviction from the house, he issued a tearful apology to the public for his comments. According to him, he has been blacklisted by brands as well for it and does not know where to go from this point.

But it now appears that his previous remorseful feelings were short-lived.


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