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#BBNaijaAllStars: Whitemoney Enters The Race For Kim Oprah’s Heart 

Biggie’s houseguest, Kim Oprah has tugged at the heartstrings of Whitemoney.

The cruise level in the Big Brother Naija house has been taken several notches higher as Whitemoney has joined the race for Kim Oprah’s heart.

When it comes to comedic charm and quirky romance, the Big Brother Naija house knows how to deliver, and Whitemoney’s recent attempt at shooting his shot with Kim Oprah proved to be a fun-filled highlight that left fellow housemates Cross, Alex, Pere, Kim Oprah, and Prince Nelson in stitches. 

A unique approach to wooing

In a lighthearted moment that combined humour and heart, Whitemoney poured out his feelings with a touch of business acumen in a creative way to capture Kim Oprah’s attention. 

“I am man enough for you,” he declared. He also emphasised that he wouldn’t flaunt his financial status because she has seen her fair share of wealth, even casually mentioning that he doesn’t own a private jet but is ready to fly Kim Oprah in one. 😍 The room echoed with laughter 🤣 as he spun his playful narrative. 

Just friends?

The situation took a comedic twist when Cross chimed in, playfully asserting that Kim Oprah is “just his friend.” Kim Oprah quickly affirmed this, keeping the atmosphere light and cheerful. Pere, who is swayed by Kim Oprah’s charm, admitted that he was never in the run for Kim Oprah’s heart, pointing out that Cross hogged her from the moment she walked into the house. This good-natured banter added an extra layer of entertainment to the scene. 

A reminder of house unity

Whitemoney’s attempt at wooing Kim Oprah not only provided comic relief, but also showcased the unity and friendship among the housemates. In a house where emotions and strategies intermingle, Whitemoney’s playful shot at romance provided a refreshing break from the norm. With his blend of humour, and business savvy, Whitemoney showed that sometimes the best way to win someone’s heart is through genuine laughter. 

Jokes aside, will Whitemoney’s slick tongue and charm pull Kim Oprah into jumping into a ‘ship’ with him? Would you be here for Whiteoprah?


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