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#BBNaijaAllStars: Will Neoenergy End Things With Tolanibaj? 

Best buds, Neoenergy and Tolanibaj, have not been on talking terms since Day 30 when she engaged in a heated fight with Ilebaye because of her interactions with Neoenergy. In turn, Neoenergy confronted Tolanibaj and asked her to avoid putting him in embarrassing situations; clearly showing how her frequent outbursts bother him, ultimately leading him to want out of their alliance.

Neoenergy spills the tea to Biggie 

During his diary session, Neoenergy expressed that he was unhappy with Tolanibaj and Ilebaye’s feud as he sees both parties as his friends. He also discussed Tolanibaj’s argument with Ceec, which he initially thought was about him, however, he revealed that the duo had some unresolved issues.

Neoenergy rants to Doyin and Ilebaye

Following a task, Neoenergy’s mood was down, which was noticed by Angel and Soma. Ilebaye approached him, and he said he was tired of an unnamed housemate going around to talk to people about him. He then bared it all out in a chat with Doyin, telling her that he was tired of cautioning Tolanibaj and even hurt that she chose not to believe what he said.

He added that he was disappointed she avoided him following her argument with Ilebaye instead of trying to talk it out. Doyin urged him to give her grace and not give up on their friendship, which was followed by a moment of hesitation from Neoenergy, who then explicitly told Doyin not to inform Tbaj of their discussion.

Immediately after, however, Doyin went to speak to Tolanibaj and told her to try and sort things out; to which she responded that she would be focusing on their wager task instead and planned to iron things out later. 

A breakup letter 

Neoenergy wrote an expressive letter to Tolanibaj, sharing how he wants to end their friendship and she read it in the bedroom and asked him to go to the bathroom to hug him. She apologised for making him feel that way and for embarrassing him. She asked him if he was certain about ending things and told him that she wouldn’t quit with him. The two later kissed in the toilet. Was this a kiss to finalise the breakup, or are they starting afresh? 


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