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Beautifying Your Home With Nobel Carpets And Rugs

Established in 1977 as a pioneer carpets manufacturing Company in Indonesia, Nobel Carpets has creatively design and redesigned many homes and offices in countries across the world by continually changes its designs time to time.

In its relentless pursuit to create new designs, styles and qualities of carpet flooring that meet the requirements of today’s customers and to meet the demand for taste of colours of the ever changing environment, Nobel Carper employed many creative minds to meet up with this demand for creativity in the world and this has helped the company to be one of the best in the world of carpets makers.

In designing a comfortable home, many things is involved. Gone are those days that you can just paint the wall of your home, spread any type of carpets and rugs then you are ready to pack in.

Today, with the help of Nobel Carpets and Rugs, you can turn your home to a world class hotel. In designing your home, you can use one of the collections of Nobel Carpets and Rugs in wall to wall to design your home and make it the taste you always want for your family.

Nobel Carpets and Rugs wall to wall designs has made it possible for homes to look like a world class hotel. The wall of your house can no longer dirty as it used to be in those days, especially for those with kids. So, for business class people who traveled abroad every time, can now see and enjoy what they enjoyed in their hotel rooms abroad as more or less a home away from home. I have once visited a friend’s home who as at then do not have enough money for furniture but the design on the rug makes it appealing for one to check back again.

Companies across the world always sing the song of Nobel carpets when it’s time to design their homes and offices for today’s business.

Because of its creative designs, families across the world and Nigeria most especially, everyday always eager to go home to see their family and their beautiful home which gives them comforts without wearing slippers and some hardly go out unless of pressing issues or business deal.

Nobel Carpets with its designs has brought hope to many homes as Nigerians prefer it to others. Designs on the Nobel Carpets and Rugs has adds colours to homes in Nigeria compare to what it used to be before now.

The designs made for kids is something to reckon with. In fact, it’s a companion for children has they like to play on the rugs thanks to Nobel Carpets.

Homes, hotels, schools and offices across Nigeria are now creatively designed using Nobel Carpets which has been the only choice for Nigerians who desires a clolourful home. Its centre rugs is designed to give a great taste of colours to homes.

The company has creatively designed homes across the country with its products ranging from carpets, rugs, tufted carpets, printed carpets, wall to wall carpets, centre rugs, mosque collection and Woven carpets etc.

I remember when I got an invite to an event recently in a popular hotel on the Victoria Island, Lagos. Printed carpets is spread from the entrance of the hotel to the door of the venue of the event. As I was meditating in my mind to know the name of the product then I saw a logo with Nobel Carpets and said to myself this is it. The event was beautify with the creative design from Nobel Carpets and everybody was very happy to take pictures on it. So, today, the company has made a good name for itself in the world of carpets and rugs as one can easily tell the company of the choice of your taste and I think that’s a big deal for creative minds out there.

I also visited a mosque during the last Eid-il-Fitri celebrations and I see how the mosque make use of the carpets and rugs, so I can conclude by saying Nobel Carpets and Rugs is the best in the market today.

The centre rugs by Nobel is one thing that many Nigerians love to have. It is a creative way of designing home for a better look. The carpets can be spread in a centre of a living room, in front of mattress in bedroom and at the entering door of restroom.

It reminds me of the last time I visited my friend who is a public relations manager. Just before I knocked the door of the four bedroom flat apartment in a very cool and calm area, I noticed that am stepping on a very good rug with a logo of Nobel Carpets and as I stepped in, I stepped on another one then another one on the centre with a leopard skin just like my visit to one of the five star hotels in the city then I realized that to get a better taste of a beautiful and comfortable home with a desire colours you need Nobel Carpets and Rugs.

The company with largest manufacturing facility of Carpets and Rugs in the West Africa region with more than 25 years’ experience in the business and certified with ISO 9001; this has made millions of people in Nigeria and across West African countries to trust the products coming from the company has the best with international standard.

So, today, hundreds or thousands of Nigerians has made home designs as a profession; because they get more jobs on time to time which has added to our economy as many have become self-employed through the designs made by Nobel Carpets and Rugs. Because as you visit a company, homes and hotels you always want to replicate what you saw in your own house too.

The best way to design your home is to make use of some of the collections made by Nobel Carpets and Rugs to get the best taste of colours you always desire.

So, go for it!

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