Beware Of Work-At-Home Scams

I’m very sure that you might have come across many ads online telling you about work-at-home with ease. You see an ad saying you can earn big money from the comfort of your home and sometimes displaying some stack of dollars. Or one that offers help starting an online business – with a proven system to make money online.

Ads promote many different work-at-home jobs and businesses and can promise you’ll earn a great living from home, even in your spare time. Trust me, most of those ads are nothing but big scams.


Don’t take their word for it, many of these so called “jobs” are scams. What they do most times is to lure you ane dupe you of your hard earned money.

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Before you start it at all, do a thorough search before committing anything to it. Of course, there are legitimate ones among them but you must look very well before you leap. Don’t jump to conclusions by judging the platform that displays the ads.

I almost fall victim last year when one of them send me a mail that they want to promote an article on my website and they will only pay me through Paypal account. At the point, I don’t have a PayPal account I spoke to someone to give me his account so imputed the account, fortunately, the account is empty. They mail me back that the transaction failed. I was forced to open another account for myself, and they gave me the same error, not knowing that they are actually trying to get money out of my account but the account is empty.

While conducting my research, because they have already send the article to me. I went online to look for the company they want to promote, which is a golf club in Los Angeles US., I mailed the company, after a couple of hours, the golf club responded to me that it was fake then I mail the PR company that wanted to promote article on my website and they refused to respond to me again.

Imagine if I have money in my account they would have empty it just like that. So, be careful online. There are many lazy people online ready to take advantage of you.  You need to determine whether this type of program is appropriate for your circumstances, and whether it is legitimate.

How to know if it’s a scam.

Often times, they promised of a big income from home, especially when it involves an up-front payment or telling you to input your debit or credit card and saying the first month is free but you must first add your card information, you can be sure that it’s suspicious. They might even have a call centre to make it looks legitimate but its still scam.

Don’t be moved by what you see online and don’t trust them at all.

Be wise.


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