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Biodun Stephen’s “Smoke Screen”: Celebrating Love, Body Positivity & Diversity To Air On Africa Magic On February 12

Lovers of Nollywood films will get a treat this Valentine’s season with an unusual love story, Smoke Screen. This Africa Magic original film, produced by Biodun Stephen, will air on February 12 on AM Showcase (DStv ch. 151) at 9:30 pm.

The film is totally different from your typical rom-com, it follows the story of a plus-size lady and her friend who takes us on a journey of self-discovery and actualization. It celebrates diversity in romance and shines a light on women who love themselves and their bodies. The film features Anee Icha, Olanrewaju Oladipo, Omobola Akinde, and Oronsaye Osareiha.  

Smoke Screen tells the story of Jess, a 35-year-old big, bold, and beautiful woman who finds her peace threatened when what she expected to be a casual fling soon results in a single father wanting to have a relationship with her – Jess is a notorious one-night-stand lover. When the single father sets his sights on her and decides he must date her properly, her fight or flight instinct kicks in and she has to combat the demons from her past to make room for him. Will she beat her overwhelming fear of abandonment that has haunted her all her life and succumb to the affection her love interest wants to bestow on her, or would it all be too much?

Anee, who plays the lead role, explains why the story is important and relevant. She says, “it’s a story of finding oneself, loving yourself, and knowing that you are good enough. It’s inspirational, and I think that it’s something many people can relate to. I hope that people who have been on the same life journey can draw strength, be inspired, and live their best lives because it is absolutely possible.”

Oronsaye further sheds more light on what viewers can expect from the movie. She adds, “Smoke Screen is centered around friendships, positive relationships, positivity, growth, single parenthood, and more. It is a very captivating story, and viewers would love it.”

This film promises to be what the doctor ordered to put you in a loving mood right before Valentine’s day. Enjoy this unique love story when it premieres on Africa Magic Showcase on February 12 at 9:30 pm. If you are currently on the Compact or Confam packages, upgrade to Compact Plus or Compact, and DStv will upgrade you to Premium or Compact Plus. This will allow you to get access to this movie and a host of other fantastic content.

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