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Blast From The Past: 10 Undeniable Predictions For The Season

Big Brother Naija All Stars started on Sunday, July 23, and the line-up of contestants makes promises of a drama-packed season. The eighth season, which features returning housemates from Double Wahala, See Gobe, Pepper Dem, Lockdown, Shine Ya Eye, and Level Up, will air 24/7 for 70 days. The winner will walk away with ₦120 million cash and other amazing prizes.

The housemates who are taking a second adventure in the Biggieverse include Adekunle, Alex, Angel, Cee-C, Cross, Doyin, Frodd, Ike, Ilebaye, Kiddwaya, Mercy Eke, Neo, Pere, Princess, Seyi, Soma, Tolanibaj, Uriel, Venita and Whitemoney. With names and personalities like these, it’s no wonder fans are trying to foretell what the next 70 days will bring. Check out ten of our biggest predictions:

1. Whitemoney and Mercy will receive the most nominations: 

It must be slightly aggravating for the other housemates to know they are competing with two people who already won the grand prize in their own set, albeit 4 and 2 years ago. While the cash prize is more than enough motivation for any housemate to return, their colleagues know they have an unfair advantage. In the Biggieverse, only the people with the biggest, strongest, and most dedicated fanbases will go far. It only makes sense that the other contestants try to eliminate Mercy and Whitemoney as quickly as possible. The flip side is they ignore them until they have no choice but to put them up for eviction.

2. Will Ilebaye be the new Angel?

During Angel’s first stay in Big Brother’s house, viewers and fellow housemates accused her of forming multiple relationships with different guys as part of her strategy. This season, so far, she has been less flirtatious. Ilebaye instead appears to have taken on the femme fatale role as her tactic, combining provocative outfits with several flirtatious interactions. As of Day 3 in the house, she had flirted unabashedly with Cross, Ike, Kiddwaya, and even Whitemoney. Whether or not the strategy will work remains to be seen.

3. Cross will find himself a worthy partner:

On Day 3 in the house, Cross revealed to Pere that he was already feeling ‘horny’, for lack of a better word. He confided in his fellow Shine Ya Eye mate that he looks forward to Saturday when the girls will be more open to playing games. In his words, “All he wants is a little make-out session”. If we know anything about Cross, it’s that he’ll find a worthy partner to help satisfy some of his baser urges.

4. The Pepper Dem set will form a strong alliance:

The Pepper Dem gang have numbers on their side and a relatively close-knit bond. We expect to see them create a strategic alliance as the show proceeds until they get to a point where the partnership is no longer mutually beneficial to them, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

5. All of their ‘celebrity’ egos will clash at one point or the other:

Over the past few days, the All-stars have kept themselves in check by reminding each other that they must be on their best behaviours because they are now celebrities. Sadly, the problem with everyone identifying as ‘celebrities’ is that they all have a little ego or chip on their shoulder that makes them feel ‘special’. It means they are mostly ‘Alphas’ and will eventually clash. We foresee a lot of disputes and conflict resolution.

6. Alex and Cee-C will eventually have their big, dramatic fight

Alex and Cee-C have not seen eye-to-eye since they were Double Wahala housemates. When they both entered the Biggieverse on Sunday, avid viewers could tell it would cause drama, but the girls seemed to hug it out. It appears their fragile ceasefire has started to crack. On Day 3, the girls had their first altercation over the house wager’s execution and traded words. Still, the fight started and ended abruptly. Longtime viewers will tell you that is not the last of it. We expect they will have multiple tiny altercations, leading to an eventual showdown. Still, we hope we are wrong; or do we?

7. At least one person may be disqualified:

The problem with having strong personalities in the house, with a longtime history of rivalry, is there is bound to be a lot of quarrelling. However, considering these housemates are OGs, we expect Biggie to hold them to a higher standard and be less lenient with remotely violent behaviour. We are here for all the drama, but we hope these stars remember Biggie’s rules enough that we don’t have to say goodbye to anyone prematurely.

8. Pere and Adekunle will become HOH at least twice

These two have a track record of being highly competitive and hyper-focused on tasks. From their previous appearances in the Biggieverse, they’ve also proven that they’ll give everything it takes to get power and hold on to it for as long as possible. Thank God Biggie has a ‘sit-out’ rule after every week of being the Head of the House, or the emblem may continue rotating between both men. Adekunle is already off to a good start as the show’s first HOH.

9. Will Angel and Soma sail a ship? Or a Shipwreck?

It’s only been three days since they returned to the Biggieverse, but Angel and Soma are beginning to like each other – seemingly. As most fans know, being in Biggie’s house heightens everything and makes the days feel longer. We predict that the more time these two spend together, the stronger their ship will get. We just hope they can make it work. They are so cute together!

10. The ladies will slay their looks EVERY DAY:

Most of the ladies were already stylish before their first stint in the house. However, since becoming celebrities, they have amped up fashion. You can expect fashion tips every day from stars like Mercy, Alex, Cee-C, Venita, Doyin, and others. So far, no one has dropped the ball, and we don’t expect that anyone will; we are here for all of it!

There are 66 days to go in the game, and with no evictions this week, fans can still enjoy more of their favourite housemates for a few more days. Viewers must vote and take advantage of the voting units available to DStv subscribers to keep them in the house until the final day.

Continue enjoying BBNaija All Stars 24/7 to see if these predictions will come through on DStv ch. 198 and GOtv ch. 49. Watch the show on the go on the DStv app or in the UK on Showmax. For more information about the show, visit

Big Brother All Stars edition is proudly sponsored by Moniepoint Nigeria as headline sponsors and HFM – forex and commodities broker as associate sponsors. for the BBNaija All-Stars Edition.


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