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Broken Friendships, Business Triumphs, And Other Unforgettable Moments of RHOLagos Episodes 6 and 7

From exploring friendship dynamics to making money moves, not to mention dishing out drama, The Real Housewives of Lagos served these and more on the 6th and 7th episodes.

It was a mix of everything – from the broken “friendship” between Faith and Dr Rommel to a lip gloss launch, philanthropic outreach, and beautiful motherhood moments from Mariam, Faith, Toyin and Laura. It was indeed a roller coaster of emotions.

The episode began with the ladies rounding up their stay at Epe Resort with some bonding exercises. They all seemed to be having fun and radiating positive auras. However, the tense situation between Faith and Dr Rommel came to light as Chioma and Tania questioned the doctor about bringing up his issues with Faith in front of everyone. Chioma then advised him to speak to Faith because she brought him to the group and deserved a private resolution.  

However, the conversation between Dr Rommel and Faith to resolve their issue did not go well. Faith was unwilling to listen and retorted that they were not friends in the first place. The meeting abruptly ended when she excused herself. Dr Rommel, unhappy with the situation, went after her, calling her fake and accusing her of being a bad friend. It was a scene to behold as he trailed behind the 6 ft Amazon Goddess hurling insults as she walked to her car.

But it was not all drama as we also got to see the women in their business mode. Laura launched her lip gloss line, Laura’s Beauty, while Mariam Timmer flexed her Public Relations expertise during a visit with Sijibomi Ogundele, the CEO of Sujimoto Construction Limited.

Also, Chioma and members of her foundation, The Goodway Foundation, visited a community in Ikotun, Lagos. Through her foundation, she is building a borehole that will serve the residents, with the project being funded by proceeds from her yard sale.

As the 7th episode wraps up, Tania takes centre stage by hosting the ladies at Zaza. Drama unfolds, but it’s all in good fun. Faith redeems herself from negative talk, and the night ends with belly dancers, magicians, and a break from the hustle of business and family life.

The episode ended with a promise for drama in the next episode, exclusively on As you watch the new episodes every Friday, you can join the conversation with the hashtag #RHOLagos.


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