Buhari To Nigerians In Diaspora: You Won’t Be Able To Vote In 2019

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday in Paris, France told Nigerians in Diaspora that the country’s electoral process has not been fully fine-tuned to permit their participation in the electoral process, adding that they will consequently not be allowed to participate in the 2019 general elections.

The President made this known while speaking during an interactive session with the Nigerian community in Paris, on the sideline of the Paris Peace Forum, said the population of Nigerian citizens in various countries across the world already necessitate their inclusion to elect leaders.

He however added that it might not happen in the 2019 elections as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had been more focused on strengthening and consolidating on its achievements of conducting credible elections within the country.

“I am doing my best now to utilise our resources to develop the country. We are already getting results on road, rail and power. My frustration is that some people still have plenty stolen monies stashed in Europe, US and other countries.”

He said it could happen in future, the President said the Constitution had taken into cognizance the need for representation in the political structures to ensure harmony, urging more people to pick interest in governance and quality representation.


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