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Burkina Faso Blocks DW Website – ‘The Website Must Be Unblocked Immediately’, Says Mgt

The Conseil Supérieur de la Communication (CSC), Burkina Faso’s regulatory authority, released a statement calling it a “temporary suspension” of the DW website, which is one of several media organizations that are also affected.

“The blocking of dw.com and other media in Burkina Faso means the people there are being deprived of the important right to independent information. Our coverage in and about Burkina Faso continually provides facts and balanced perspectives. We urge the regulatory authorities to unblock the website as quickly as possible,” says Nadja Scholz, DW Managing Director Programming.

The website was blocked following international coverage of a report by Human Rights Watch accusing the Burkina Faso military of committing mass killings of civilians. The government denies the HRW report, calling the accusations “baseless”.

DW reaches users in Burkina Faso with French-language content and works together with 15 partner stations that primarily broadcast radio content. French for Africa is one of the top 7 of the 32 languages in which DW broadcasts. The French-language DW offerings alone booked 13 million weekly user contacts.Users in Burkina Faso can still reach DW offerings in French via X, Facebook, and TikTok. Otherwise, users can also use tools for censorship circumvention such as the DW App, Psiphon, or other VPNs.


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