Chad’s Military Ruler Wins Presidential Election

Chad’s military ruler, Mahamat Deby Itno, has been declared the winner of this week’s presidential election.

This is according to provisional results released Thursday.

The results were, however, contested by his main rival, Prime Minister Succès Masra.

The results of Monday’s vote were released weeks earlier than planned by the national agency that manages Chad’s election.

According to the released results, Deby Itno won with over 61% of the vote, with the runner-up Masra falling far behind with over 18.5% of the vote.

The result has created tension as gunfire erupted in the capital following the announcement, though it was unclear if it was celebratory.

Preliminary results were initially expected on 21st of May.

The long-delayed presidential election was held after three years of military rule.

Deby Itno, also known as Mahamat Idriss Deby, seized power after his father, who spent three decades in power, was killed fighting rebels in 2021.

Prior to Thursday’s announcement, Masra in a post on Facebook accused the authorities of planning to manipulate the outcome.

He said, “These orders will lead you to side with the wrong side of Chad’s history, these orders will lead you to fight your brothers and sisters, these orders will lead you to commit the irreparable and unforgivable Refuse to obey these unjust orders!”


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