Christmas: CAN Urges Reconciliation, Unity

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Archbishop Daniel Okoh, has urged Nigerians to be champions of peace and to promote reconciliation and unity among one another.

Okoh said Nigerians must continue to look out for what united them rather than what divided them, noting the ethnic and religious diversity of the country.

He said the Christmas season presented an opportunity for reflection and for people to extend a hand of reconciliation where they had been wronged or wronged someone else, in emulation of the example of Jesus Christ.

The CAN President gave the admonition in a Christmas message on Monday, where he also urged Nigerians to renew their commitment to building the nation rather than lose hope in the face of numerous challenges.

Part of the message read, “During this season, we are reminded to seek to be more like Jesus by reaching out to our neighbours with words of peace.

“In a diverse country like Nigeria, characterised by multiple ethnicities and religions, we must always strive to seek what unites and binds us together rather than what divides us.

“Let us be champions of peace and unity, setting aside our differences and promoting genuine reconciliation, understanding, and unity among all Nigerians.

“In this context, reconciliation signifies more than the absence of conflict; it signifies the presence of genuine love, respect, and acceptance for one another.

“As Nigerians, we are faced with numerous challenges, but we must not lose hope. Instead, we must use this season to renew our commitment to building a better Nigeria for future generations.

“Let us work towards fostering an environment where every Nigerian can thrive, where justice and equity prevail, and where peace and prosperity abound.”

Okoh also urged Nigerians not to forget “those who are on the margins of society” and ensure that they shared with them to give them a sense of belonging, as Christ would do.

“Let us strive to build a nation where peace, justice, and unity prevail. May the joy and blessings of Christmas be with you all,” he added.


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